Web Developers (PHP / Node.js, AngularJS)

Job Description

The Web Developer role is a technical position responsible for the full development life cycle of customer applications, including consultation, design, development, testing, deployment, support, documentation and bug fixing roles. The ideal candidate will have work experience and skills as a PHP Developer on MVC design patterns. As a PHP Programmer, the candidate will be responsible for development in PHP or Node.js, HTML5, MySQL, AngularJS, Vue.js, Rest API and must have a strong knowledge of high availability, scalable database design.

The candidate will develop web-based solutions and perform a full range of system and server operations requiring knowledge of operating systems and scripting. Candidates will be expected to rapidly diagnose server problems and employ preventive measures to maintain high availability servers.

You will be expected to plan, research, develop logic, code, test and deploy several Web projects with minimal assistance and be capable of building a PHP or Node.js web application from the ground up, as well as modify and build on existing code.

The candidate should possess excellent organizational, team building skills and is expected to manage projects and maintain a codebase.


  • Proven track record of designing effective, scalable, distributed, high-performance applications and/or e-business systems.
  • Highly proficient in PHP or Node.js (minimum of 2 years programming PHP or Node.js).
  • Strong MySQL database design, fault-tolerance, optimization and management experience.
  • Strong knowledge of client-layer technologies: AngularJS, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, REST API and jQuery.
  • Excellent understanding of various network technologies and operating systems.
  • Strong background in system security and performance optimization.
  • Excellent communication and project planning skills, highly organized, ability to complete high-level projects with little supervision.
  • Strong grasp of spoken and written English.